Sun, Mar 17 at 2pm

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • 21+ Bar with ID
  • Table service during production
This event has passed.

Come and experience the final show produced by Ghost Light Theatricals, in the newly minted Copious space in Ballard. After a decade of residency at the formerly known Ballard Underground, this production culminates the vision of Ghost Light's 15 years of productions producing modern adaptations of classical stories.

The Salem Witch Orgasms by Alexandra Davis (Winner of Battle of the Bards XII; The Final Battle) presents a comedic view into the lives of American women in the Puritanical Northeast. Stylistically a mashup of Arthur Miller's The Crucible, Mel Brooks and The Princess Bride; this frank, hilarious and sex-positive representation of female-identifying sexuality will have you gasping for breath from laughter. 

As tween boy Given learns about his family history from his sexually liberated hippie Grandma Carol, the story borrows the framework of William Goldman's The Princess Bride to plunge into the experiences of a group of women identified as witches because they explored that most forbidden and misunderstood of fruits; the mysterious and alluring female orgasm. At times ridiculous, filled with large scale song & dance numbers, and relevant to our modern cultural fixation with purity; this show will tickle more than your funny bone *eyebrows* *eyebrows*.

Directed by Lia Sima Fakhouri (fresh off the critically adored Veils with Macha Theatre Works) and featuring the work of Beth Pollack, Aaron Sterne, Christine White, Joe Drummond, Olivia Martin, Madelaine Figueroa, Cassidy Westbrook, Anastasia Greeley, Jason Hill, Seth Steward, Callie Williams, Jack Hilovsky, Cassandra Leon, Hannah Simpson, Asa Fager, Konstantin Lazarov, Jennifer Burkey and Allanah Raas-Bergquist.


2220 NW Market Street
Lower Level

Seattle, WA 98107